From Mediocrity to Semi-Mediocrity

As we near the end of our semester, I’m entering new territory when it comes to my learning style. I’m the kind of student that doesn’t get stressed, I take my time with assignments and i’m usually very content with the product that I create to the point where the grade is an after-thought. Now that Finals are approaching, a blessing and a curse, suddenly everything is coming to a head. I truly believe that some teachers just want to inflict as much pain as possible on their students by cramming tests, presentations, and finals all into a couple class sessions. I’ve entered this new territory of stress and I really despise it almost to the point where my product is slowly fading because i’m losing the joy I felt when creating something of quality.

I understand all the usual bullshit that’s spouted about “This is what it’s like to be an adult” or “You’ll have to get used to this some day”. No, f*ck that, i’ll always take my own happiness over the stress of pleasing a superior or colleague. When it comes down to it, i’m not that bummed if I struggle in Chemistry or French or some other class that isn’t a deep passion of mine but when I start to struggle in an English course, then I feel the pain.

Writing has always been a stronger skill of mine and one that I realize is in no way advanced but still above average. As we work on our stories for our Professional Writing course, i’m finding the actual writing to be the hardest part. This may not be surprising to some people but for me, I thought getting the story would be the hardest part but just writing the article would be nothing. Some writers think self-motivation or taking that first step is the hardest part but I’ve never really struggled there. Katie Tallo, a writer for says,

Taking that first step, not putting it off for sometime down the road is where we all tend to stumble or hesitate or get distracted. That road can be long and filled with roadblocks and detours

It’s new ground for me, one that has me stressed but I’ve been looking for something to really challenge my skills and force me to improve in some way as a writer. I don’t know the areas of writing that I’m lacking in, but when my skills are challenged, then my flaws become very obvious.

After the fact, I always enjoy a challenge, but when I’m sitting here desperately writing to keep myself on track, it’s hard to see the joy in being pushed to a new limit.

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Baby Boomers are Technically Lost

As our class really starts to gear up for our website, not only are we facing the challenges of writing stories, but also the technical aspect of the site. One classmate is creating our website through Wix and I have to say, I would be terrified. I have no problem writing and in fact I sometimes go out of my way to write essays and papers, but when it comes to the technical realm of website creation, I’ll give an emphatic “no”. Now to be clear, it’s not because I don’t have the ability to do so but because I’m tired of doing so. I still consider myself a digital native but somewhere between Baby Boomers and Gen Z’ers.

I’ve been aware the past few months of baby boomers in tech-savvy jobs such as SMWC’s marketing department or media relations, who are still learning these tools. While photography may be a strong suit for one person, creating an eye-catching video or aesthetically-pleasing collage is a completely different skill. So then it hit me, are baby boomers really struggling, still, in an increasingly tech-minded profession? Where millennials are considered digital natives, boomers are digital immigrants who have to be taught very specific apps and programs if they want to stay ahead of the curve (or even with it). Yeah some like to complain about “today’s kids” and their “technology”, but for the most part it seems that their generation is full of Grade-A hypocrites.

Priceonomics, via Nielson Surveys, found that 52% of Boomers use technology during dinner, compared to 38% for 15-20 year olds, and 40% for 21-34 year olds. What’s most important is how Boomers are using their technology compared to younger generations.

One survey has found that over 50% of employees check their company email over the weekend and before or after work. Another found that 40% of employees think it’s fine to respond to important work emails during family dinners. Yet another revealed that most workers expect responses to emails within an hour if not in minutes…nearly 60% of adults check their work email while on vacation, and 6% have checked their email while a spouse is in labor. Another 6% have checked email at a funeral, and 10% at a child’s school event.

Maybe it’s denial, maybe it’s ignorance and a wish to be separated from younger generations somehow, but the fact remains that Boomers are just as bad as everyone else when it comes to technology. I had my first eye-opening moment to this last week during Ring Day. As I’m sitting there, happy for my fellow classmates who have earned their rings, i look around and see a lot of phones and iPads out taking pictures. People getting up from their seats to scuttle around the church to get that perfect picture while blocking my limited view. The funny part was that 99% of the people staring at their phones to take pictures and then staring at them again to crop and edit those pictures were older parents. The elderly guests didn’t have their phones out and for the most part all the students maybe took a couple picture but then put their phone away and continued to enjoy the ceremony.

Maybe it’s a truth that Boomers hope to forget, but the reality is that Baby Boomers are some of the heaviest technology users today and their denial of reality just adds to a long list.

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